How To Collect Consumer Insight with Voice of the Customer Research

Voice of the Customer research plays a critical role in innovation, design, new product development and brand management.

Newlogic's consumer research methodology captures your company's customers' expectations, preferences and aversions. This market research technique, a modification of conjoint analysis, produces a detailed set of customer wants and needs, organized into a hierarchical structure, and prioritized in terms of relative importance and satisfaction with current alternatives. We provide 'total category' analysis to identify the opportunities for growth across all formats and sub-segments. Testing can include historical, competitive, current and conceptual options.

Newlogic's Voice of the Customer research consist of both qualitative and quantitative research steps. This research is conducted at the start of any new product, process, or service design initiative in order to better understand the customer's wants and needs, and as the key input for new product definition, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and the setting of detailed design specifications.

Newlogic's Voice of the Customer utilizes focus groups, individual interviews, contextual inquiry, ethnographic techniques, and more. But all involve a series of structured in-depth interviews, which focus on the customers' experiences with current products or alternatives within the category under consideration. Needs statements are then extracted, organized into a more usable hierarchy, and then prioritized by the customers.

Newlogic can help you clarify the underlying wants and needs that drive customers to seek solutions in new products, and increases your chances of delivering a product that customers actually want to buy.

Voice of the Customer reduces time to market: Reducing time-to-market, and more importantly, time-to-profit, is a management imperative. Research has shown that companies that take the time to understand what customers want before diving into the design phase can get that product into customers' hands faster.

Voice of the Customer identifies disruptive opportunities: Clayton Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation holds that markets are ripe for disruption when leading products perform strongly in meeting the needs of the mainstream market, but under perform in meeting the needs of non-customers. Voice of the Customer can help you identify customer segments that are driven by fundamentally different needs, which are not currently well-served by existing products.

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