Food Packaging Innovation

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Food packaging innovations play a critical role in new product introductions and brand management. Innovation in food packaging and packaging design innovation, supports food innovation and brand positioning.

Newlogic's food packaging innovation consulting identifies and capitalizes on food innovation opportunities by using an effective combination intellectual property, new technologies, voice of the consumer insights and design thinking.

Smart Packaging Innovations

Food packaging innovations and structural packaging innovations are important components of brand management and category leadership. Smart packaging innovations provide marketing and R&D with effective tools to address new market opportunities, packaging strategy and business strategy.

Award-Winning Food Packaging Innovations

Newlogic's work in food packaging has been recognized for its leadership in packaging innovation. We are focused on growing brands with new food packaging and experiences that deliver customer excitement. Our approach integrates design thinking, and voice of the customer to uncover and prioritize what is most important to customers.

Our specialized consumer research (PICM) enables brands and innovation teams to define the packaging performance requirement necessary to acheive significant growth. 3d-IP is Newlogic's structured technology conceptualization and food packaging innovation processes. 3d-IP delivers new packaging concepts and packaging technologies to support brand positioning and business strategies. This approach increases innovation success rate by dramatically increasing the number of concepts generated for evaluation within an overall landscape of technology opportunities.

New Business Opportunities

Newlogic uses our expertise in innovation, marketing and the corporate venturing to create new business opportunities and new brands. Our unique combination of brand marketing and business strategy has helped roadmap unseen growth for some of the world's most established companies.

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