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3d-IPtm: Product and Packaging Innovation:

Newlogic creates innovations that answer consumer needs and market opportunities through our proprietary, technology-based, innovation methodology. 3d-IP integrates intellectual property, design thinking and concept generation into a consistent and repeatable process; "Innovation on Demand."
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PICMtm: Consumer Insights:

PICM provides confident insights on the drivers of consumer preferences and the value of new opportunities, design options, features and elements necessary to generate and support new product planning. Newlogic's consumer research considers the total category relative to your current and potential brand and market positions. PICM results in meaningful qualitative and quantitative data that identifies, defines and prioritizes unmet/ill-met customer needs and brand opportunities.
Newlogic's voice of the customer and consumer insights consulting.

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POPStm: Innovation Project Portfolio Management:

Innovation portfolio management is used to increase the return from innovation and IP efforts by aligning projects and business strategy within a right-sized innovation organization. Newlogic's POPS web and PC based applicaitons are significantly less expensive, faster to implement and easier to use than legacy enterprise systems providing .
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Technology Landscape Reports, Gap Analysis and Strategy:

Newlogic provides technology landscape reports on a wide variety of product and packaging categories. Our broad functional expertise enables us to provide structural analysis that organizes and rationalizes complex technologies. Multi-client and proprietary studies are available, as well as gap analysis, technology strategy and other services.
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