The Attractiveness / Fit Matrix

attractiveness/fit matrix attractivness fit decision matrix

Using an Attractiveness/Fit Matrix is a Proven Advantage for Decision Making.

Companies use an attractiveness/fit matrix to prioritize and select new product and service innovations with the highest probability of overall success. The Attractiveness/Fit Matrix provides consistent results and transparency to the go/no-go project decision making process when decisions need to be made with information that is ambiguous or qualitative and is relative to a company's resources, capabilities and core competencies.

Working With An Attractiveness/Fit Matrix

In an attractiveness/fit matrix, each innovation concept is measured and evaluated against multiple criteria for it's alignment with company-specific business strategy, objectives and capabilities. Attractiveness is determined by criteria any company would consider desirable – large market size, high growth, profitability, and favorable industry dynamics. Fit is determined by company-specific criteria, such as demand by target customers, acceptable risk/return ratio, leveragability of the company's strengths and resources, or potential for future growth. Effective attractiveness/fit matrix integrate company-specific qualitative and quantitative measures as well as weighting factors in order to consistent results and transparency of the decision making process. High-attractiveness/high-fit opportunities are then prioritized for additional investment towards commercialization.

Developing Your Company's Attractiveness/Fit Matrix

Developing an effective attractiveness fit matrix is important component of successful innovation decision making. An effective attractiveness/fit matrix reflects an objective evaluation of business strategy, core competencies, stakeholder influence, industry benchmarks, metrics and other factors. The attractiveness/fit matrix Newlogic developed for many global innovation leaders has been key to many of their successful new product introductions.
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