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Voice of the Customer

Newlogic has a special capability we offer to assist Front End of Innovation Groups to identify strategic new packaging opportunities. Newlogic's voice of the customer research, which we call PICMtm, allows for the open exploration of "total category" ill-met and un-met consumer needs.
Our proprietary approach demonstrates where new product/package concepts and technology options fit in a holistic consumer defined category context. With a seamless integration of co-creation, Newlogic's PICM relies on customers to define the packaging objectives, priorities and 'job to be done', reducing/eliminating bias and uncovering unexpected insights and potential market disruptions. Our research results in very specific innovation guidance for the product/package features & elements that support brand strategy in the short, medium and long-term.

Newlogic PICM is based on a statistical design of experiments (a form of conjoint) to elicit specific feedback on features, elements, designs. It was developed to overcome some of the shortcomings of traditional focus groups (qualitative outputs and intrinsic bias). Translates subjective consumer responses into objective innovation requirement statements – based on the consumers' definitions. Outputs are extremely specific, actionable and well defined. New ideas translate into real business success, aligning product and package design with company's brand essence and aspirations. Identify potential market disruptions and opportunities presented by new and developing market segments. Results in detailed package innovations that elicit customer excitement within company's brand essence and aspirations.
PICM recommendations and findings, when complete, can represent the bases for a total category, multi-generation, packaging technology strategy. Newlogic has the unique capability to integrate product with packaging options in order to test the total customer experience. Our methodology results in detailed outputs that identify the specific features, elements, performance and designs required to achieve your business objectives. Newlogic's consumer insights is a reliable tool for supporting critical new product and packaging decisions
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