Technology strategy provides sustained focus on critical technologies

Successful innovation involves aligning technology investments and technology patents with business strategy and corporate capabilities. Newlogic's technology strategy consulting helps companies maximize their technology investments and knowledge. We help companies get out of a project-by-project cycle, and structure into long term, sustainable, innovation practices.

A robust, integrated technology strategy considers today and the future and provides for sustained focus on critical technologies. Technology strategy provides a structure, organization, tools and KPIs for sustaining focus on critical technologies. Creating a technology strategy involves consideration of many highly integrated analyses and activities. Achieving a business goal requires explicit and linked strategies that define which technologies to employ and how to deploy them.

Patent Portfolio Management

Newlogic's Patent Portfolio Management provides R&D leaders with strategies and tools for managing the end point results of their patent portfolio and innovation pipeline. It helps discover ideas and new categories. Technology strategy reduces costs, and accelerates development and supports open innovation through technology intellectual property licensing, acquisition and recovery.

IP Landscaping and Strategy

Identify actionable insights, white and grey technology opportunities. Find innovations and opportunities you might otherwise miss, thanks to Newlogic's proprietary visual patent search results presentation system. Accelerate your review with clear, consistent organization and images that make complex IP landscapes easy to understand. Make decisions with confidence, knowing that all data is expertly reviewed, analyzed and integrated.

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