Technology landscape reports bring clarity to complex technology categories

Newlogic's technology landscape reports makes sense of complex and nuanced technology categories. Each landscape, or white-space opportunity map, is created using large volumes of patent (IP) and literature data. Innovation organizations use technology landscapes at the early stages of innovation:
  • Identify gaps and white-spaces that can be exploited as development opportunities
  • Identify potential partners and threats
  • Make strategic decisions regarding innovation investments
  • Identify existing concepts that can be applied to your current innovation challenges
  • Identify existing technologies and innovations that are aligned with marketing objectives and unmet customer needs
  • Find innovations and opportunities you might otherwise miss

Newlogic's proprietary landscape taxaonomy presentation makes complex and detailed technologies easy to understand. Our results help accelerate understanding with clear, consistent organization and images that make complex IP landscapes easy to understand. Make decisions with confidence, knowing that all data is expertly reviewed, analyzed and integrated.

Newlogic offers multi-client and proprietary technology landscapes. We also provide expert technology analysis, opportunity identification, analytical research and business research.

Recent technology landscape reports have been conducted to identify gaps and white-space opportunities:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Retail packaging
  • Point of sale (POS) innovations
  • Closures
  • Thermal management for beverages
  • Specialized manufacturing and assembly technology

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