How patent peform is going to force changes to R&D starting In 2013:

Few companies are addressing the issue of reform from the perspective of it's effect on corporate R&D, design and new product development. Without a strategic response, patent reform increases the likelihood of competitive threats and fewer opportunities for leadership.
Newlogic is the leading authority on the effects Patent Reform will have on corporate R&D. In this presentation we review the some of the most important changes patent reform will have on R&D, their ramifications for R&D professionals, R&D pipelines, and "open/closed" innovation. Our summary report available here provides the following takeaways:
  • First to file, post-grant review, and fee collection; a review of these new rules and what the packaging R&D leader needs to do to prepare
  • What patent reform means for the framework and process of packaging project design and development
  • A review of industry leaders and suppliers, providing insights on how the packaging R&D professional can prepare for patent reform
  • Tools to help manage patent reform

Read the full report here.