Newlogic's reports and studies on R&D and new product development

Newlogic is often asked to provide insight and opinion on issues of strategic importance to R&D and new product development. Although many of our studies are confidential, we are able to make some of them available. The following reports and studies have either been published or presented at trade conferences:
patent reform america invents act first to file 2013

The Effect Patent Reform Will Have on R&D and New Product Development:

Newlogic, as the leading authority on the effects Patent Reform will have on corporate R&D, reviews some of the most important changes patent reform will have on R&D, their ramifications for R&D professionals, R&D pipelines, and "open/closed" innovation.
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R&D portfolio management innovation strategy

The Best Practices of R&D Decision Making Criteria:

Primary research published by PDMA summarized the decision making criteria used by leading innovators to increase the effectiveness new product development initiatives, improve business performance, increase throughput, align R&D with business strategy, and support long-term innovation.
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category leadership

Pursuing Excellence: Achieving Category Leadership with Innovation Strategy:

Category leaders are able to capture significant competitive, financial, and opportunity advantages. Todays' category leaders use innovation strategies and management tools to help achieve and maintain their dominant positions.
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innovation management tools software

Cloud-Based Applications for Innovation Management for R&D Packaging Professionals:

An extensive evaluation of cloud-based R&D applications for packaging innovation presented at the Packaging Strategies conference.
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