Innovation project portfolio management improves the return on innovation

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The problem with innovation portfolio optimization software, in general, is that the software requires too much time and effort compared to the value it delivers. Newlogic's POPS overcomes this imbalance with innovative web and PC based apps. POPS is extremely rapid to implement, easy and fast enough to use on a regular basis, and delivers a greater range of actionable insights than traditional project portfolio management solutions.

Newlogic's R&D and innovation project portfolio management applications enable innovation leaders to quickly and easily align project selections with business, marketing and technology strategy. Newlogic's POPS provides the important, factual, data need to support right-sizing innovation organizations. Our portfolio management application provides superior results, while being significantly less expensive, faster to implement and easier to use than enterprise systems. Our team has been the leading provider of this approach since 2003.

Newlogic R&D and innovation portfolio management software and services are structured specifically for the needs of innovation and new product development organizations. It addresses the unique requirements of effective early-stage decision making, including managing resource constraints, new product pipeline management, technology investments, and risks. It is uniquely structured to take into account the unknowns and ambiguity of early-stage projects at the fuzzy-front-end of innovation.

The Newlogic project portfolio management application is not limited to financial and risk criteria, it includes business and technology strategy, competitive technology positioning, project impact on technology platforms and product positioning in the marketplace. Newlogic's application seeks to maximize objectives given the constraints of the organization and technology requirements, under the conditions of uncertainties associated with your projects and inputs.

Newlogic's project portfolio management increases the return of innovation in many ways:
  • Aligns R&D investment and new product development efforts with business strategy.
  • Reducing time to market
  • Increases project throughput
  • Increases pipeline value
  • Improves category leadership against competitors
  • Achieves consensus between business functions
  • Informative data to support fact-based go/no-go decisions
  • Generates reports that provide visibility and clarity for consensus
innovation project portfolio management R&D project portfolio management innovation funnel management
Newlogic's portfolio optimization, project selection software (POPStm) has a proven track record of providing clients with benefits that flow to the bottom line:
  • $200MM in additional new product output the first year
  • 25% increase in innovation FTE contribution to bottom line revenue
  • Increased revenues derived from new products, from a $10MM loss to a $15MM profit in one year
  • Built a consensus across functional groups for redirecting 15% of resources towards "Fuzzy Front End" innovation
  • Demonstrated the need for increasing investment in innovation that included increased headcount, resource allocation (time) and budget
  • Built consensus across business functions for focusing innovation efforts on fewer, bigger, projects with significantly greater value to the organization
innovation project portfolio management R&D project portfolio management innovation funnel management

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