Create New Markets & Grow Brands With Product and Packaging Technology Innovations

Product and Packaging Technology Innovation

Newlogic's innovation consulting enables R&D leaders to address market opportunities with proprietary, technology-based, solutions. Our unique, low-risk, consistient and repeatable approach utilizes a combination of intellectual property, design thinking and concept generation enabled by our team's subject matter expertise. Newlogic's approach increases innovation success rate by significantly increasing the number of concepts evaluated.

Packaging technology innovations created by Newlogic have resulted in many high-value, long-term, defensible competitive advantages. We align packaging technology innovation with business strategy, brand aspirations and customer requirements. Our programs have been structured to deliver short or medium term "innovation on demand" as well as breakthrough packaging innovations that require longer-term development and partnerships.
  • Open innovation framework proactively identifies suppliers with technologies aligned with business objectives
  • Supports a strategic approach to innovation and IP investments
  • Rapid exploration of out of category technologies
  • Define the technology landscape, identify existing IP and identify opportunities to create defensible technology positions

Category-Leading and Award-Winning Results

Newlogic's team has been recognized for the packaging innovations we've created and developed for our clients, as well as for product design, with awards from IDSA, Good Design and Red Dot.

Developing The Business Case for Innovation

Newlogic uses our expertise in innovation, marketing and the corporate venturing to create new business opportunities and new brands. Often called "intrapreneurship", our unique combination of brand marketing and business strategy has helped roadmap unseen growth for some of the world's most established companies.

How Can We Help?

Contact us to learn about our approach to packaging technology design and innovation, and how it can help you grow your brand.

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