Stonyfield tests package-less frozen yogurt

StonyfieldFrozenYogurtPearlsIn March, Gary Hirshberg, co-founder and Chairman of organic yogurt company Stonyfield Farms, introduced Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls, a frozen yogurt “ball” the size of a donut hole enveloped in an edible skin.
The WikiPearl™ yogurt “packaging” technology, from WikiFoods, uses organic fruit skins to keep moisture in and contaminants and oxygen out, forming a washable, portable covering for the portion-controlled organic yogurt serving. Explains the WikiPearls website, “The skin is a protective electrostatic gel formed by harnessing interactions between natural food particles, nutritive ions, and polysaccharide.”

Because it is made from fruit skins, the outer shell is flavored. Stonyfield’s Pearls line includes chocolate and vanilla organic yogurt products covered with strawberry, banana, coconut, and peach skins, yielding seven flavor combinations.

The product was rolled out in four Boston-area Whole Foods markets, in pre-packed cellulose bags made from wood fiber, marketed in the freezer section. This begs the question, are the Frozen Pearls a package-less product, or a new product type?

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